Candle Object Update

Candle Object

Hi. As promised, the Candle Object Update has arrived. I want to thank everyone who purchased a candle during the last month. Half of the proceeds went to Richmond Mutual Aid, and organization that distributes valuable supplies to locals in addition to running a mini-grant program. Going forward, I will continue to donate to local organizations with money raised through special projects (one of which will be announced very soon...)
✦ ✦ ✦
August, our hot sweaty summer, is closing. To help turn over this period of steam, confusion, and the persistent low lying vibration of anxiety, sters has bodied our lounge decks to spin sweet webs as we zone out, face against the wall. The monthly mix series opens up spaces for vulnerability and reflection, best enjoyed with a candle by your side. click image to listen.

✦ ✦ ✦

cleaning the dishes every day,
sometimes happy when they look back from their pad, other times indifferent.
screaming from the little holes in space, cicadas pull up fields of sound,
altering white balance.
i curl up, nothing going on up there, just staring at you.
thinking novel thoughts and then just saying 'life crazy' or candle or something.
ice cold sparkling water. performing love online. fruit between white cake. not replying to text messages.
daydreaming but not nightdreaming.

staring at the flame, burning until yes it is gone. how do we keep time inside the home, create atmosphere and silence...going to bed when the sun sets, when the candle is out.
time as in My time not the time i need to do anything for, or be anything because.
the wind knows.
staring at the moon you say how amazing it is the clouds are there. giant structures floating across.
just floating.
✻ i'll be adding some new candle objects to the site very soon, and as always i'm open to commissions from anyone who has an idea they'd like rendered in wax.

reflecting and illuminating,

PS i might be moving away from mailchimp for the next email, if so i'll just transfer everyone's emails over