Candle Object April

growth and purity


some soft rain is falling. i’m listening to the recent Lime Lodge comp while i write this. i’ve come to share some candles with you as the month ends. you can see them in the photos below, and on my website as usual. i’m happy with these shapes, two wicks seems to be my zone lately. curving in and out of itself. slowly the flames come together, grow large and luminous, then drift apart, sometimes to rejoin again. there is a rhythm to the shape. i think i’m going to change up how I do these ‘drops’ next month soo, stayed tuned for that I guess.

i also figured out how to make spiral candles. they are fun to make and beautiful from any angle, so i made a bunch lol.

some other big news, I’m supppper happy to be partnering with 8 Fields Market in Philly. They have a retail space in the Building Bok forthe month of May where they’ll be selling items from a variety of really amazing artists. They’ve got 10 of my candle in stock so if you’re around head over! And if you go, send me an email !! i love to hear from ya’ll. I’ll be posting the designs on my inst*gr*am later this week. (i know i’m a hypocrite for getting back on there but, it’s been better lately, trying to care less).

what else is new? we had a foil livestream with month, which you can watch back here. my big room party alias is DJ Candle if you didn’t know…

as for me, the past two months have been a little bit of a whirlwind but i’m trying to get my feet on the ground. looking to integrate more balance into my life, more moments of stillness. i kind of already miss winter a little bit ?? who knows.

i’ve been coming to the studio every day to work and it has filled me with so much purpose and joy. i’m so grateful i have the time and space to continue working on this craft. I started reading this lecture series “The chemical history of a candle” by Michael Faraday (i’ve only read the first of 6 lectures). For some background, the series was given in 1848 as a part of the ‘Christmas lectures for young people’ (wiki). Faraday initiated the Christmas lectures in 1825 and it is still continuing today. I’ll admit this probably isn’t for everyone, but as someone who has spent years studying science and is now obsessed with candle making, this is literally my shit. finding things like this makes me feel like i’m hitting something deeper, that eventually i’ll be able to pull all of these disparate links together into a larger, more philosophically robust analysis of the candle object. but…that is far away from me at this moment.

as for the lounge this month, our frequent poet a rolls in. some scattered dirt some shredded leaves. donning the weary cap, a spins round and earthen sounds, calming, drifting, full of light and space. A beautiful mix that i’m honored to share, perfect for a candle at any time of day. and, better yet, a has included a poem which you can read below. thank you.

wax drippings:

-still obsessed with 1999-2001 fashion, i don’t know what it is or why but i wish i could articulate it !!! if you picture me, maybe i’m wearing something like this.

-this album by Pil is really beautiful and inspiring (+ stellar art by angelina)

-new theodore cale schafer

-massive mix by ben bondy (iconic…)

-walking into my closet like i haven’t already worn every article of clothing 100+ times

-big curly hair

-trying to manifest myself into a ball of light

-candle TV by nam june paik

-silent light (2007) by carlos reygadas

-dj sprinkles reissue (if you don’t know about this, get with it)

-doing my little strut down the studio hallway


-sam dying his hair bright red

-not cutting the grass and letting the dandelions grow

staring out the window,