Candle Object February

notes for february candle object:

-“I remember my fear of personality, which was so similar to the fear of forgetting that the tiniest idea became a “nagging thought,” until I could write it down and out, preserved, but, in a sense, too, eliminated.”

-lyn heijinian, my life

-the tiniest of things

-just 2 candles for the moment, many to come in march. they are both live on my site. some things on the horizon shimmering.

checking in from my part of the world.

-the internet connects us, allows us to see each other in some way. i am at my desk, wearing a gray cotton sweater with a blue cardigan over top, navy corduroy pants that are losing their ridges. waiting for something to a happen. im knocking on the wall quietly, maybe you will hear it. maybe this is how you can know me somehow. leaving the little things small this time,


-using special fish again, , big bulletin board on the internet. internet authenticity.

-lightness, glass of cold water



-quietness, as an option,

-possible moods include: excited, radiant, happy, relaxed, peaceful, optimistic, joyful, powerful, gentle, festive, sad, tragic, nervous, angry, passionate, melancholic


-sometimes i’ll listen to gentle while i work. i tried radiant, but it was too flowery. festive was wrong and so was joyful.


-what is to be overwhelmed? what is ecstatic.



interruption presupposes a flow.

a bobeche is a glass collar around the base of the candlestick to catch drippings.

there is a name for everything in my house. when i sit down in the evening to watch a movie or read it feels like i am doing more than becoming extremely still. silvia prieto, rapado, and august in the water all made me feel a specific way this month. ive been trying to pay more attention to when the camera is moving.

i made a mix for for c minus earlier this month. i am filled when joy when i realize i get to listen to music across my entire life.

music yes, the lounge this month. the lounge is a space that exists between my computer and yours. it’s warm and soft but sometimes there are windows, cold glass to look out of in a direction not toward my or your device. now, the sound is starting. tom glides across, to those decks made of something to show us with noise another way to walk across the space. for drifting and moving and the things between, this mix is full and beautiful. thank you tom.



i’ve been enjoying “every day’s a list, but it’s always changing”

a light blue glow around the edges,