Candle Object June

3 new candles...


it will be a quick update this month. June, summertime, hot weather. This month i celebrated my birthday, i moved homes, i shaved my head, and i had changes in my work-life. It feels like I haven’t stopped moving around. I’m sitting down, for a moment, to write this in my studio, full of boxes, light bulbs, a hula hoop, a kettle. things yet to find their own home.

There are three candles this month, sitting pretty with their sun hats on, or sprouting out, reaching toward the horizon, or just being, the object and shape without meaning. haven’t decided yet. they sit below and are available for purchase on my website. I’ve updated the site so it won’t charge shipping for richmond addresses but if for some reason shipping pops up for you locals just email me.

this month in the lounge i am honored to welcome jake to the decks. my dearest friend, who has showed me so much music over the years. We DJ’d together in school for a year of deep cuts, chaotic and crystalline, angry joyful thoughtful music. No holds barred kinda mixing, a carefree style i love and am reminded of by this mix. There’s some dirt on the floor this month, walls warped from the years, the air sweet. Just ridin the back roads with you, windows down. Appalachia and all over, mountain spirits. Thank you jake for this beautiful mix.

wax drippings

-i made of a mix for foil this month (for my birthday). it’s mostly piano music, majorly influenced by Jean-Philippe Rameau and the baroque period. Music i’ve been listening to over the past 7 or 8 months. Songs for when i need to pace around the room, work on candles, drive around town, walk to the soccer field where the sky’s so big and no one’s around.

-i’ve continued to pound through Angela Schanelec’s filmography. this month i watched My Sister’s Good Fortune (1995), The Dreamed Path (2016), Afternoon (2007), and I Was at Home, But… (2019) all great in their own ways.

-other standouts were Syndromes and a Century (2006) my first film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, honestly it was stunning, I can’t wait to dive into his stuff. Brouillard #14 (2013) by Alexandre Larose (short). Also it’s June sooo Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) Toshio Matsumoto, Querelle (1982) Rainer Werner Fassbinder, So Long Suburbia (2016) Samuel Shanahoy, this one was cringe but still felt important (??), Song of Love (1950) Jean Genet (i could say 1000 things about it).

-im sure there is much more but im writing this on the last day of the month as usual and i’m short for time!

near the AC,