Candle Object March


sitting at a sage green table. time is flying by as usual. there have been some big changes in the past month for candle object. surprisingly, excitingly, some friends and i have started a small studio space. a building in an industrial part of town with great lighting and little distraction. here, where i’m typing by the window, i’ve created a dedicated workspace for candle making that isn’t (fortunately) my kitchen. it still feels new and glowing, every chance i get i come by to melt some wax, turn on the stereo.

i have 9 new candles up. i’ve been expanding some previous designs, building them up a little more. things are growing, taking up space; a population requires a defined area.

i’m grateful that i now have a space in which to pour more time into candle object. i hope to have ~3x the amount of candles for next month…and maybe even more after that. there are also some new opportunities on the horizon…but i’ll say more about that later.

so, back in the groove

(i recently learned that the hottest part of a candle flame is around 1400 degrees Celsius.)

i’m still thinking about the candle object, about how it relates to ambient technology, to atmospherics, to historical craft and ritual practice. it’s been said before, but there is something timelessly intriguing about a flame. it’s attractive. within its presence, thought can stop for a moment, while the world continues to rotate, revolving around a much larger flame.

is there name for when you’re in the shower, and suddenly an idea strikes? this happening, i find, can also occur around a flame. the candle creates an atmosphere where a thing can come out of nowhere.

imagine taking a photo of the sunset, imagine taking a photo of a candle burning.

sometimes it feels like i’ve been taught to desire intensity, that the stasis of anxiety online is normal, and the fervor of emotion built up for targeted advertisements is worth experiencing. i’m interesting in being less than overwhelmed. in being. there are new modes of participation we have yet to contain, but maybe together we can figure it out, how to step across this stream.

it’s ok to just stare at a candle and do nothing, if it means a thought for something new may appear.

it’s about creating an atmosphere for change.

a poem by a:

this month in the lounge our friend sters rejoins us. electric and new. with spontaneity and grace. as always im excited to share another spin around the player, but this is extra special. thank you liza.

wax drippings:

-wearing all green

-thinking about cyclical fashion

-back into a phase of listening to eliane radigue a lot…she is extremely important to me…

-been meeting new people in my dreams

-bought a beautiful bottle of peach juice im excited to try later (update: it’s amazing)

-weary mix for foil

-The Devil, Probably (1977), Minus (1999), Last Days in a Lonely Place (2007) [phil solomon really hitting this month], Blow Up My Town (1968), Nowhere (1997)

-beautiful mix by J