Candle Object May

new website


how are you?

May has been a big month. Everyone I’ve talked to has had a month of change, of big shifts. I’ve spent the majority of it re-building my website from the ground up. You can visit it here :) just as before it’s all hand-coded, with some additional help from snipcart for the e-commerce. You can now, finally, purchase candles directly on the site, no more email nonsense. I’ve also re-worked the format a little, the ‘nonstandards’ and ‘standards’ are now ‘one-offs’ and ‘mainstays.’ In addition to the regular tapers, I’ve added several new shapes as permanent items (mainstays). The Double, Double One, Double Two, Spiral, and Lumpy Kitchen. These shapes feel like concrete candle objects, enough so that I will happily make them ad infinitum. I’m creating my own archetypes, slowly. For the One-Offs this month, I’m bringing back the pebble. I’ve got four special ones.

Also, I’m hoping this new site builds some internet trust with kind strangers who are unfamiliar with Candle Object, but if you’ve been around the block (especially if you are a Richmond friend) Please feel free to contact me directly about purchases! this way you can avoid the default shipping cost.

Aside from the new site, I’m starting some big projects, things I’m really excited to share in the coming months..

It’s been a month of reset, clearing out the old, making way for the new. Remembering better habits, taking time to focus. I’ve been reading more, watching more movies, and getting back into baroque music. I’m reminding myself that I can create the life I want to live, my dreams are there to point toward something, a thing I can choose to follow into reality. I have nothing but time.

The lounge has moved to new ground, but it’s still going strong. This month I’m happy to share a mix of my own. Sun-drenched and sandy, this one’s for laying down and letting go. I recorded it awhile ago, in early March, during some solo beach time. I made it so I’d have something to listen to when I’d walk the shore, or lay in the sun. It’s a mix of songs I’ve held close to my heart, drone is music of life…

the sun can burn you if you don’t pay attention…

wax drippings:

-Éliane Radigue - Échos (2021) - a short film by Eléonore Huisse and Fraçois J. Bonnet (a legend). an experimental portrait of Éliane, her work and life, in her own words. a beautiful and touching piece that lives up to the music on display. Radigue is, in my opinion, one of our greatest living artists. It’s showing through Berliner Festspiele until June 30th.

-All the Mornings of the World (1991) - 17th century period piece about the composer/viola de gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe. Yes, this is extremely niche, but it’s so good. it’s also really sexy. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat.

-Angela Schanelec (Passing Summer, Marseille, Places in Cities) - I’m working my way through her filmography. Slow, meditative, beautifully shot. Definitely not for everyone (the kind of movie you watch alone, patiently). The way she uses music and dancing in her films is stunning, especially the club scene in Passing Summer.

-All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) - Yep, this is amazing, the less I say the better. Can’t believe how long I put this one off.

-new album out of Foil, a beautiful thing by Jacob. Perfect early summer vibe.

-my current mix of the year…

-got my first perfume, l’intense by yves saint laurent

-yellow lens sunglasses

-being fully vaccinated

-dancing with friends

-listening to Gregorian chants in the studio at full volume

-bedside table as pedestal

spilt wax,