Candle Object November

good evening,

typing from behind the curtain. i took a week off work, traveled south, logged out of twitter, and (today) am starting a week long imaginary residency. sliding in on the last day of the month, this newsletter caps off november as i hope to start new habits and a more centered practice in december.

i’ve been pleasantly working on commissions and new objects that you can see at the bottom of this email. From now on, i will be updating my website with new candles once a month, the same time i release this newsletter. Of course you can reach out at any point to commission work, but now with the ping of this email in your inbox, you’ll be notified that there is new stock available. I’ve also updated the standards page (all standards live on the same page now) to include a new ‘cake’ size and added text to the homepage for accessibility. The standards are now: kitchen (fka tall), thin, and cake. each are 9 inches tall, with ~1,~0.5, and ~0.25 inch diameters respectively. the ‘kitchen’ name is inspired by my friends liza and jess, who to my delight have a morning candle ritual, burning early on the kitchen table.

this month I’m pleased to showcase some work by artist and internet friend Bridge Yvonne Hamel. with gentle mystery and pillowing atmosphere, her work inspires me to question objects, to hold and be held by images, with a simplicity that brings me back to ambient technology. in her own words,

"I think of my work as an archive of coping with the increasing barriers that an inescapable digitalization has constructed around tactile comforts, divinity, and sacred intuition. I’m also making through this lens of a sort of pathologized neurology that I experience in terms of a recent autism diagnosis, so I’m always analyzing my sensorial experiences characteristic of this pathology and trying to translate that into my work. My practice really only exists as a method of communication with myself and as a compulsive self soothing. It’s a space I feel I can articulate the things I experience that aren’t at all material through conducting their materialization. Recently, I’ve been really fixated on this sort of technophobia or neo-luddite ideology, thinking about what it means to be so indebted to these non-sentient technological objects that I depict in a lot of things I make. I’ve also been really interested in this intuitive process of automatic drawing with things like charcoal, clay, graphite, or dirt. A lot of the images that come out of that process I find to be really reminiscent in style and function to petroglyphs and other archaic artifacts, biomorphic forms that can articulate almost a spiritualist rendering of commonplace personal technology. I’ve been experimenting with this process recently on large stones in remote places, using smaller slate stones to create a really ephemeral dust I can blend into pictures on their surfaces. It really excites me knowing that no one will ever see them If i don’t photograph them with my phone, and they’ll be gone with the first rain without leaving a trace of their material existence."

please please check out her work!

this month bleeech glides to the lounge decks. a mix for cooling breezes, crunching leaves. remembering and remembering and forgetting. seeing the pebbles, letting them be. head on my pillow. getting up and walking out. thank you bleeech.

a poem by a, from their new newsletter

here are some recent nonstandards, more information available here (if they don’t appear on the site immediately, try opening the link in incognito)

wax drippings:

-i’ve been in the process of moving this month, feeling scattered and a little overwhelmed by my belongings. as such, the things that have affected me most offer the possibility of alternative paths, openings, turning life, carrying me along when i feel like i am just dragging the past. i hope to exist in a lighter space by the month’s end. embracing the graceful, dramatic, and deep.

-film: Beau Travail by claire denis, been trying to watch this for probably over a year, worth the wait, almost screamed at the final seen. One Day Pina Asked… short doc by chantal akerman (if you know, you know) about choreographer pina bausch. ripped my heart out, danced on it, put it back in twice as large.

-on the subject of dance: isolation has been weighing me, dancing alone has given me new joy and some hope for a time when the bass will once again vibrate my body into thoughtless bliss. i’m starting a new project, DJ Candle (…the ‘residency’), and have a mix forthcoming on FOIL; for tender dancefloor hearts, strutting down the hallway with my headphones on, feeling my limbs sway and bend to the beat, hoping it hits someone out there, i’ll keep dancing alone regardless

-this mix by frequent contributor alexis.

-watching videos of jellyfish, especially ctenophores.

-(medieval/renaissance) choral music, spotify playlist link (sorry), thank you jess for inspiring me. i’ve been indulging my monk fantasies as the weather chills.

-liza is relaunching soup soon! keep your eyes on her newsletter and website, which i recently designed :-)

-lastly, not very new, but if you know me in real life, i talk about my favorite online community Gossips Cafe quite a lot. I’ve been frequenting this space for several months now, and with a recent DJ set by resident Miracle Light, I was reminded how special and real internet communities can be. On the surface, it may just be a handful of extremely online, html inclined netizens, but there is friendship and joy always on tap at this shifting computer coffeeshop. more and more i find it is one of the only places online i don’t feel like i’m shouting into a void of advertisements and hate. ty elliott

from dim light,