Candle Object September

good afternoon, ✦

today is the autumnal equinox, meaning the sun will spend the same amount of time above the horizon as it does below. a significant moment, marking fall, a middle between two solstices.

this newsletter teeters on the border between personal summary (e-mail) and letter on the doorstep (mail). for those interested in my candle doings, my favorite objects from the past month include a checkerboard candle, butterfly candle, giraffe candle, wedding candles, and lots of cake candles, all for friends, all imaged on my site. i’m trying to explore texture and movement at the moment. the pond, pebble, and reed candles are all experiments in this.

i’m interested in the candle object as a piece of ambient tech. a candle is a form of technology, but as brian eno paraphrases in this talk, we don’t think of it as technology because ‘it works.’ so, thinking about a candle as tech, i ask myself, what can this do that it is not already. and with each new candle i make i am trying to figure that out. like all objects, a candle has an atmosphere, tinting the space around it. by trying to connect ambient tech (objects can be useful in many ways) with atmospheric media (objects carry atmosphere and meaning), maybe then i can figure that question out. in the mean time, i’ll just keep melting my wax and reading.

through these letters, and candle object, i hope to create a space for reflection. taking some time to recognize it’s passing. this month i’m so happy to include a few contributions from friends. all connected in some invisible thread way. enjoy.

a poem from Alexis

✦ some portraits from Liza

thank you both, like walking along the river.

it’s me in the lounge this month. a mix of sparkling water music and shoe gaze drifters. the air is getting cooler, but the sun’s still warm. remembering. forgetting.

✦ a poem by Rahul

ill leave you with my thoughts, journal scraps on the breeze. as always

reflecting, illuminating,

matt ✦